Net Neutrality Victory!



We just accomplished something very important together. Today, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted for strong net neutrality protections. This happened because millions of people — including many hundreds of thousands
in Mozilla’s community — joined together as citizens of the Web to demand those strong protections.

This is an important victory for the world’s largest public resource, the open Web. Net neutrality is a key aspect of enabling innovation from everywhere, and especially from new players and unexpected places. Net neutrality allows citizens and consumers to access new innovations and judge the merit for themselves. It allows individual citizens to make decisions, without gate-keepers who decide which possibilities can become real. Today’s net neutrality rules help us protect this open and innovative potential of the Internet.

Mozilla builds our products to put this openness and opportunity into the hands of individuals. We are organized as a non-profit so that the assets we create benefit everyone. Our products go hand-in-hand with net neutrality; they need net neutrality to bring the full potential of the Internet to all of us.

Today’s net neutrality rules are an important step in protecting opportunity for all. This victory was not inevitable. It occurred because so many people took action, so many people put their voice into the process. To each of you we say “Thank you.” Thank you for taking the time to understand the issue, for recognizing it’s important, and for taking action. Thank you for helping us build openness and opportunity into the very fabric of the Internet.


Source: Mozilla Blog

No more smoking, please

Well after a lifetime of smoking, things are once again changing. But something else to take the place of cigarettes? Indeed! Vaping. or vaporizors or e-cigs, doesnt matter because they all work on the same basic principal. Just without all the really bad effects from smoking tobacco products.

My Aerotank

I have a review coming soon. Possibly many more to come. We’ll see how it goes.

So I was helping a friend today find a hardware button

My friend just got the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. And he asks “How can I go to my main screen without having to use the back button and go back, back, back?” I told him to just hit the home button no matter what screen or app he happened to be using at the time.


He said “No no, this is the Galaxy S5. It doesn’t have a home button anymore.” At which point I told him “Sure it does. Bottom center of the phone. “Oh crap” he says, I thought that was a speaker. Thank you so much.

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