So I was helping a friend today find a hardware button

My friend just got the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. And he asks “How can I go to my main screen without having to use the back button and go back, back, back?” I told him to just hit the home button no matter what screen or app he happened to be using at the time.


He said “No no, this is the Galaxy S5. It doesn’t have a home button anymore.” At which point I told him “Sure it does. Bottom center of the phone. “Oh crap” he says, I thought that was a speaker. Thank you so much.


And just had to ask, “Have you seriously owned this device for over a year and you didn’t know that it did indeed have a home button”. My friend shrugged his shoulders and acknowledged his oversight then said rather sheepishly “I have touched it before but I never wanted to damage it so I just didn’t push it very hard.



I suppose I just sort of squinted at him with a reassuring smile. “It’s ok guy, glad I could help.


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